Just another blog from a non-blogger.

Random Thoughts

01/16/13 – New item on the I-gotta-do-this-soon list: Go to Crossroads Coffee Company in Carterville, Illinois and have the Kevin HunsBurger for lunch…at breakfast time.

08/04/12 – This summer’s drought is causing the leaves to fall already.

07/02/12 – I wonder which came first…the duck or the platypus?

06/18/12 – Grilling Tip: Grilling without Burning

04/08/12 – Christ, the Lord, is risen today!

04/06/12 – I like getting my hair cut. Kacy does a great job and pays attention to details. I must admit though, one of my favortite times of the haircutting event is when she washes my hair to get the stray clippings off my scalp. Not that I don’t wash it every day myself, but there’s something special about having a professional do it for me…relaxing.

03/20/2012 – I wonder why yellow is the standard for pencils?

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