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English Muffin Salmon Bfast

Simple. Delicious. Simply Delicious.

Was looking for something quick and easy (tends to be a theme in the life of the Rhino Crew) for breakfast. Opened the fridge and viola! Inspiration!

Thomas English Muffin, split in half and toasted; Novia Scotia Salmon, pre-packaged for instant gratification; Fresh Egg from Jourdan Acres…yeah, livin’ large is how I roll.

So there’s nothing complicated about this recipe. Simplicity is key but flavor is huge.

Here are the stars of the show…

Stars of the English Muffin Salmon Bfast

Toast the Thomas English Muffin (I am big fan of English Muffins, but not all brands are created equal. I like this brand for the light & fluffy texture and, of course, the nooks and crannies); Lightly butter. In the mean time, hard fry the egg in a dab of extra virgin olive oil. Season with cracked black pepper and truffle salt.

English Muffin Salmon Breakfast Sandwhich

Okay, the truffle salt is a little indulgent, but so worth the money. I don’t use it all the time, but really enjoy the pungent aroma and nutty flavor. Otherwise I am a proponent of sea salt.

Bon Appetit!


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